The grapes are harvested by hand selecting them.Then, they are transported in 10-12 kg boxes to avoid crushing them  and consecuently undesirable prefermentations.

 Long macerations and long pressings extract the best of berries.

 The barrel cellar , isolated to the rest, is very different. Inside, the temperature control is critical and predominates the silence, the lack of light and the oak smell creating a peaceful atmosphere.

 Different volumes of Francais and American oak Barrels from different manufacturers are piled up and elaborate our more emblematic wines quietly.



Our wines

We have three different lines of wine base don syrah and monastrell grapes called Zhiro, Sortius and Uvio.


Zhiro is a semisweet red wine slightly sparkled which will surprise you.


The Sortius line is based on  100 % varietal grapes aged 3-4 months in oak barrels.it consists of 2 kind of wines:


Sortius Monastrell: Based on 100% monastrell grapes with 3-4 months of oak barrels


Sortius Syrah: Base on 100% syrah grapes with 3-4 months in oak barrels


And the last  Uvio C our more special wine based monastrell grapes from our oldest vineyards blended with syrah with 12-16 months in oak barrels


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Since 2007 we launched to the market our first wine,  we've been awarded with different prizes in the best competitions



So far, our awards are:



Sortius Monastrell: Silver medal- La Cofradía del Reino de la Monastrell 2009


Sortius Syrah:       Bronze medal - Baco 2007

                            Bronze medal - Vinhoreca 2008 y 2009

                            Silver medal - Zarcillo 2009

                            Gold medal - Le Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2010

                            Silver medal - The China Wines Awards 2011

                            Silver medal - Bacchus 2013

                            Silver medal - Le Concours Mondial de Bruxelles  2013


Uvio:                    Silver medal - Le Concours Mondial de Bruxelles  2009

                           Gold medal - Vinhoreca 2010

                           Gold medal - The China Wines Awards 2011

                           Gold medal - Bacchus 2013



Bodegas Contreras S.L.


C/ De los Rios 2

30812 Avilés-Lorca, Murcia


Oficina administrativa


C/ Avenida Juan Carlos 1, 6º G

30800 Lorca Murcia



tfno : +34 685 874 594





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