Passion for tradition and avantgarde  in our wines



At the beginning of the XX century Juan Contreras Corbalan´s  family  founded a  little winery in  Aviles , a dependant village of Lorca in  Murcia. In a short  time, its wines started to stand out in the region  and when The Civil war was over, the family built a huge winery with a manufacturing capacity   of about 1, 000,000 litres.The reason of their success: The area is 750 meters above the sea level and  its special microclimate joined to  outstanding soil features only can  result in  wines with extraordinary taste and mouth feeling .


In  2007, after a half  century closed down, the family decided to take up the business again with the purpose of recovering  those  wines which became famous in their own right and under premises of our antecesor: respect of grapes, a well-balanced tradition and hi-tech and passion, all joined to  get high quality wine.


The new winery was built next to the old winery  and  let us show our visitors a century of the history of wine in a unique visit in depth .


Belonging to the D.O.(Denomination of Origin) Bullas,the result  has been a lot of  recognition awards in the most important concourses in the world.


The old winery: a museum of wine


It´s an example of the architecture  called opus incertum, an ancient Roman construction technique.

Inside you can see  people without any kind of studies sorted out problems  at the period when the electricity hadn’t come yet: An engine which run all the machinery, a rail systems to move the winepresses to the hydraulic press, the transport of wine by gravity, pot buried to  store the wine etc.

the new winery: high tech

It was built to blend with the old winery and the urban environment: Ochre-coloured, small windows, pitched roof covered whith Arabian ceramic tiles. Besides  its efficient in terms of energy and resources being environmentally responsible and focused on small productions and high quality wines.


In 450 square meters, the surface has two elevations. Inside, on the ground floor, three areas  perfectly defined: Manufacturing, barrels and bottling areas. On the first floor a laboratory, a meeting room  and  two warehouses.


Our vineyards: monastrell and syrah

Our typical grape variety of the southeastern in Spain is Monastrell or Mourvedre, our old vineyards are the key factor of our differentiation.  Besides    in the last 25 years Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon have been planted getting excellent results.


All our vineyards are located in Aviles , a dependant village of Lorca in the province of Murcia  and  they belong to the D.O.(Designation of Origin) of Bullas.The soil originated from calcareous sediments,   and  a rainfall level lower  200 litres  a year produce a water  stress to vineyard  reducing the yield to  2kg  grapes/plant .


More than 3.000 hours of sunshine and the high altitude about 800 m  above sea level with very hot  summers   exceeding sometimes 40 degrees Celsius and cold winters with usual frosts and  sporadic snows  cause a special microclimate  which provides our vineyards with especial features.








Bodegas Contreras S.L.


C/ De los Rios 2

30812 Avilés-Lorca, Murcia


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